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Example 4: Stamp a PDF file with a PDF overlay (Delphi)  

uses ComObj;

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  NVstamp : Variant;
  indx : Integer;
  retVal : Integer;
  NVstamp := CreateOLEObject('PDFstamp.Neevia');

  indx := NVstamp.CreateNewStamp;
  NVstamp.Stamps[indx].StampType := 3;
  NVStamp.Stamps[indx].Name := 'Stamp1';
  NVStamp.Stamps[indx].PDFOverlayFile := 'c:\overlay.pdf';
  NVStamp.Stamps[indx].X := 'center';
  NVStamp.Stamps[indx].Y := 'center';
  NVStamp.Stamps[indx].PlaceAs := 1;

  retVal := NVStamp.StampPDF('c:\in.pdf', 'c:\out.pdf');

  if retVal <> 0 then
    Application.MessageBox(PChar('Error code=' + IntToStr(retVal)),'',0)


Neevia PDFstamp is the right tool in case you need to programmatically stamp batches of PDF files with multiple watermaks. It is fast and cost effective!

Peter Stolz

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