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PDF Printer Driver, Convert to PDF, Print to PDF

OEM licenses and educational discounts are available - please contact our sales department at
(954) 981 9252 or for all sales inquiries.
 Neevia PDFcompress pricing   
PDFCOMPRESSv4.1_1    Neevia PDFcompress
PDFCOMPRESSv4.1_20    Neevia PDFcompress
 20 license pack
PDFCOMPRESSv4.1_25    Neevia PDFcompress
 25 license pack
PDFCOMPRESSv4.1_50    Neevia PDFcompress
 50 license pack
PDFCOMPRESSv4.1_100    Neevia PDFcompress
 100 license pack
PDFCOMPRESSv4.1_site    Neevia PDFcompress
 site license*
UPGPDFCOMPRESSv4.1_1    Upgrade from PDFCOMPRESS v3.x
* Site License covers a single organization. If you buy a Site License, you may
use the program in an unlimited number of your company's computers.
Site License is very cost-effective if you have many computers.

After testing PDFsign I can certainly say that it makes the signing of PDF documents easy for anyone who needs to perform such a task.

Martin Leary

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