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Example 3: Compress a PDF file (low image quality, high compression) (ASP)  

     Dim NVcomp : Set NVcomp = Server.CreateObject("PDFcompress.Neevia")

     NVcomp.CI = "jpx"
     NVcomp.CQ = 20

     NVcomp.GI = "jpx"
     NVcomp.GQ = 20

     NVcomp.MI = "jbig2"
     NVcomp.MQ = 2

     'For better compression uncomment the line below
     ' NVcomp.CreateObjectStreams = true

     Dim retVal : retVal = NVcomp.CompressPDF("c:\in.pdf","c:\out.pdf")

     if retVal<>0 then
       Response.Write "Error = " & CStr(retVal)
       Response.Write "Done"
     end if

As a programmer I needed a tool to manipulate PDF files. Neevia PDF toolbox contains everything necessary to build a solution that can be used to stamp, split, merge, resize and compress PDF documents, all from one package!

Jim Webber

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