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Example 3: Resize a specified page in a PDF file (VC#)  

Note: Add a reference in your project to PDFresizeNET
To do this:
  a. On the Project menu, click Add Reference;
  b. On the .NET tab, locate PDFresizeNET and then click Select;
  c. Click OK in the Add References dialog box to accept your selections.
  PDFresize.Neevia NVresize = new PDFresize.Neevia();
  int retVal;

  NVresize.PageWidth = 5; // page width = 5 inches
  NVresize.PageHeight = 10; // page height = 10 inches
  NVresize.Units = 1; // measurement units = inches

  NVresize.Scale = true; // scale page
  NVresize.ConstrainProportions = true; // constrain proportions when scaling

  NVresize.Center = true; // center page content

  NVresize.Pages = "1"; // resize the first page of the PDF

  retVal = NVresize.ResizePDF(@"c:\in.pdf",@"c:\out.pdf");

  if (retVal != 0) {
     MessageBox.Show("Error code = " + retVal.ToString());
  } else {

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