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Example 2: Split a PDF file into single pages and encrypt output (ASP)  

     Dim NVsplit : Set NVsplit = Server.CreateObject("PDFsplit.Neevia")

     NVsplit.PDFEncrypt = true
     NVsplit.PDFEncryptionType = "rc4"
     NVsplit.PDFOwnerPassword = "owner"
     ' p - document printing is denied
     ' e - disable extraction of text and graphics
     NVsplit.PDFPermissions = "pe" 

     Dim retVal : retVal = NVsplit.SplitPDF("c:\1.pdf", "c:\out\")
     if retVal<>0 then
       Response.Write "Error = " & CStr(retVal)
       Response.Write "Done"
     end if

I downloaded PDFcompress and must say that I was impressed by the high compression ratio, speed and easy to use graphic interface.

Alex Wetzel

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