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Current version: 4.1 released on January 25, 2019 - view ChangeLog
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Q: What is Neevia PDFmerge/split?
A: Neevia PDFmerge/split, as the name suggests, is an easy to use application that allows you to merge/split PDF files.

Q: How do I merge/split PDF files with Neevia PDFmerge/split?
A: That can be done directly by running the command line tools (CLmerge.exe, CLsplit.exe), through the graphic interface applications (PDFmerge.exe, PDFsplit.exe) or indirectly through your own application using the COM object or .NET assembly.

Q: What are the main Neevia PDFmerge/split features?
A: Below are listed the main PDFmerge/split features:
  • Merge several PDF files into one file;
  • Merge a specified range of pages;
  • Create bookmarks, during merging, for each input PDF;
  • Preserve hyperlinks, forms and annotations;
  • Split PDF file(s) into parts with a specified number of pages;
  • Split PDF files by bookmarks;
  • Remove forms, layers, page labels, annotations during splitting;
  • Linearization (Fast Web View) support;
  • PDF encryption support (RC4/AES algorithms);
  • Does NOT require any Adobe products;
Q: Can I merge/split encrypted PDF files using the Neevia PDFmerge/split graphic interface tools?
A: Yes you can but you will be prompted for a password every time an encrypted file is encountered.

Q: What is PDF linearization?
A: PDF linearization is a way to optimize PDF files for more efficient viewing over the web. Pages are loaded faster and the user does not have to wait until the entire PDF file is uploaded by the browser.

Unlike other similar PDF tools neeviaPDF applications come with a command line tool, a graphic interface application, COM Object and .NET assembly, all in one package for one low price.

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