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Current version: 4.2 released on May 22, 2020 - view ChangeLog
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Q: How can I order Neevia PDFtoolbox?
A: You can purchase Neevia PDFtoolbox online at http://www.neeviaPDF.com or via the Neevia Tech Sales Department at . For online orders it may take up to 4 business hours to verify and email the licensing info.

Q: How is Neevia PDFtoolbox licensed?
A: Neevia PDFtoolbox is licensed per computer.

Q: How much does Neevia PDFtoolbox cost?
A: The cost of one license is US$599. Discounted volume licensing is available - please see the complete pricelist or contact Neevia Tech Sales Department at for more details. We also offer discounted pricing for government and educational institutions.

Q: Is site licensing available for Neevia PDFtoolbox?
A: Yes, Neevia Tech offers a competitive site-licensing program for PDFtoolbox. Please contact Neevia Tech Sales Department at for more details on this type of licensing.

Q: Does Neevia Tech offer redistributable licenses for PDFtoolbox?
A: Yes it does. Please contact Neevia Tech Sales Department at for more details on this type of licensing.

Q: What payment and delivery options do I have?
A: All neeviaPDF products can be bought online or through a purchase order. The main delivery method is via download.

Q: Does Neevia offer refunds?
A: Software is non-refundable. All Neevia products can be fully tested before purchase.

Unlike other similar PDF tools neeviaPDF applications come with a command line tool, a graphic interface application, COM Object and .NET assembly, all in one package for one low price.

After testing PDFsign I can certainly say that it makes the signing of PDF documents easy for anyone who needs to perform such a task.

Martin Leary

If you have any comments or suggestions about our web site, please feel free to email them to

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